You can refer patients that meet the following criteria

  • Diabetes Mellitus type 2
  • use diabetes medication
  • under the age of 70 years (up to 75 years in consultation)
  • are overweight (BMI>25) and / or have an above average waist measurement
  • who are prepared to change their lifestyle

Exclusion criteria

  • Age >75 years old
  • Severe COPD (Gold III / IV)
  • Stomach reduction or gastric band
  • Eating disorder
  • Kidney failure (<eGFR/MDRD 45)
  • Heart failure (class 2 to 4)

When in doubt you can always consult our medical team.

Leonoor Koot
General Practioner nurse assistant
"As a General Practioner's (GP) nurse assistant I find it difficult to keep increasing medication, when lifestyle changes can be so much more effective in treating people with type 2 diabetes. During medical appointments I refer patients to the Reverse Diabetes2 Now website and I often help them by registering them for a free information meeting in their area."

When your patient wants to join the programme

Your patient will receive a registration form from Reverse Diabetes2 Now after pre-registering on our website. They will then contact your practice. The GP’s nurse assistant can help the patient if necessary to fill out the form as accurately as possible (for instance HbA1c, length, weight, use of medication). If you agree you sign the form. The GP remains the lead practitioner of the patient.

Your investment of time

The time investment for the GP and the GP nurse assistant is on average 45 minutes during 6 months, the largest share of time will be for GP’s nurse assistant.  Long term there could be a decrease in time required from the practice for the patient due to improvements in the general health of the patient which may lead to fewer checkups.