Reverse Diabetes2 Now is a multi disciplinary lifestyle treatment which focuses on reversing type 2 diabetes. For six months you will actively work on a new lifestyle and learn everything about type 2 diabetes and how you can use nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation as medication.

The programme

Reverse Diabetes2 Now treatment is based on five pillars:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • relaxation
  • medication decrease
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Who is it for?

Would you like to take part in Reverse Diabetes2 Now? Reverse Diabetes2 Now is appropriate for people:

  • with type 2 diabetes
  • under 75 years of age
  • who are overweight (BMI>23) and/or have an increased waist measurement
  • who are prepared to change their lifestyle
  • who speak English
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Way of working & supervision

A professional and experienced team will supervise you during the program. This is always in consultation with your general practitioner and/or specialist. The professionals hold their own specialist degrees and have been carefully selected and trained by Voeding Leeft and Bold Academy for Reverse Diabetes2 Now.  This way we can guarantee outstanding quality.

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Programme dates & locations

The Reverse Diabetes2 Now program takes place in Hong Kong and started in October 2019. In 5 full days spread across 6 months you work on your new lifestyle. The locations offer optimal support to you: Inspiring, intimate, relaxing, in green surroundings, you are able to find peace and quiet to focus on your goals.

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Insurance & costs

In Hong Kong we are working with an Asian insurance company to cover a large part of the programme costs. Very special conditions applied for the first group and first applicants.

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Over 1500 participants have entered the Reverse Diabetes2 Now program so far in The Netherlands. And with great results. 12 months after the programme 9 out of 10 participants were able to reverse or partially reverse their type 2 diabetes. Read more about their experiences.

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