Our Hong Kong team

  • Martijn van Beek – Founder and director of Voeding Leeft
  • Lotte Schaffer – Projectleader
  • Frank Kusse – Managing partner Asia Pacific
  • Terence Wu – Operational manager Voeding Leeft Hong Kong
  • Nynke van der Zijl – General practioner, PhD Diabetology and Medical Director Voeding Leeft
  • Hanneke Kusse – Dietician
  • Francis Bruijns – Nurse
  • Annemarie Ernst – Head of nutrition Voeding Leeft
  • Barbara Kerstens – Programme leader & Coach
  • Hanno Pijl – Prof.dr Diabetology LUMC
  • Leonard Hofstra – Prof. dr. Cardiologist CCN and VUMC

Two Hong Kong doctors and one Hong Kong endocrinologist are also closely involved in both the setup of the Hong Kong programme as well as during the six months programme.